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Yoga has been a constant, but changing part of my life for the past 7 years. I think that is the longest I have stuck with anything. A partner, a style of eating, a home, a favorite color.  What began as purely a physical practice soon became the foundation for my life. Emotionally, physically and energetically this practice has supported me through the transitions that life so sweetly offers.

I completed my 200 hour hour Teacher Training in 2011, with Frog Lotus Yoga in Costa Rica. This training was hands down one of the biggest times of growth in my life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It challenged me in ways I could have never imagined and at the same time was one of the most transformative experiences. Being asked to show up, dig in, and put in the work.

A personal home practice is one of the sweet gifts that yoga has offered. When I think of practice for a long time I thought of going to my favorite studio, laying down my mat and moving my body for 60 minutes. How this has changed over the past 5 years is a really beautiful thing to witness.

Practice is everything. It is a way of life. My practice is the way I walk through my days, the way I speak to the people in my life, the way I get up first thing in the morning and make tea, the things I choose to put into my body, the way I think of myself and others, what I choose to surround myself with. It is ritual, it is practice, it is awareness, it is spirituality, it is a way of life.


Yoga philosophy reveals itself off my yoga mat in so many ways! How do the teachings of Yoga show up and reveal themselves? The 8 limbs, the sutras, the yamas, the niyams. I try hard to stay aware, to notice and continue noticing. The obvious and the subtle. The loud, the quiet. 

I take the teachings of yoga and offer them to my students in a relatable way. We are all walking through this life, trying to do the best damn we can. Yoga philosophy is the inner strength that each yogi holds and can help free us from our own suffering.

Practice With Me

In addition to my regular weekly teaching schedule, I offer a plethora of opportunities to incorporate yoga into your life! 

Lets collaborate. Do you work in an office that could benefit from yoga? Does your family member / friend keep mentioning yoga? I offer gift certificates and love taking yoga out of the studio and into corporate settings.  


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