I did not realize it was going to happen this quickly, but it did. So here I am, writing a blog, eating spoonfuls of peanut butter while in the RV I now live in. It could not seem like more of an appropriate time to move and begin this transition of our lives. Jim had lived here for about 5 months before I decided to join him.

Simplifying and making space has been my mantra lately. “How can I simplify my life? How can I create more space? What do these things feel like in my body?” Recently I have been talking about what things feel like vs what they may look like. A lot of times I catch myself making decisions based solely off how I think that may come across and how it may “seem” to others. Well, turns out that is no way to live life. A lot of times those decisions end up not feeling all that supportive. They may still look cool, but who gives a damn if I am feeling shitty.

Simplifying and creating space has looked like many things lately. Primarily moving all of my things into a storage unit and moving myself into this badass RV. It has looked like taking time to go for walks along the water with no agenda or goal. It has looked like not mindlessly spending money. It has looked like taking time to catch the way the wind blows through the cherry blossoms in Portland on a sunny spring day. It has meant being intentional with what products I buy and bring home into my life.

It feels like contentment. It feels like joy. It feels like being unsure. It feels like excitement. It feels like purpose. It feels like flow. It feels like love. It feels like connection.

As I enter spring, I am also creating space in my physical body by noticing what each day offers and how I can support myself in this time through an intentional diet. When I say diet I am not referring to calorie counting or meal skipping of any kind, I mean “diet” as an overall way of eating. Naturally with the longer warmer days, I am feeling like I can push my self a little more. Exerting more energy outward. Moving away from the cold damp days of winter and towards more energy. Running, walking, yoga-ing outside, and hiking.

This move, like other moves in the past, has allowed me to ask myself, “Do I need this? Is this still serving me? Does this bring me joy?” It has carried a sweet invitation to sit with the concept of continuing to create space and simplifying my life and bring this concept into each corner of my existence that I sometimes don’t want to look at. Diet, exercise, work space, home, car. I urge you to ask yourself “In what ways can I create space and how can I live more simply?” Because I promise, the true happiness, its already there within you. It is just a matter of discovering it.