Sugar Hair Removal

I am passionate about skin care and especially hair removal. I was looking for a less aggressive more natural way to remove the unwanted hair on my body. BOOM, my question was answered! While living in Portland Oregon I found an amazing gal who offered sugaring. I saw her consistently for the next few years because of the incredible results and little to no reaction. 

Fast forward about 7 years and I found myself in Boise Idaho wondering what next. I enrolled in esthetics school and knew from that very moment I wanted to specialize in sugar hair removal. 

So what is it & how does it work?

This ancient form of hair removal is made of sugar, citric acid (lemon juice) and water, that is it. Natural ingredients that your body and the earth can recognize. Unlike with waxing, sugaring I remove your hair in the same direction of growth. This leads to less irritation, less ingrown and properly removing the hair from the follicle. With consistent sugaring you will quickly notice less hair in the desired area and the density of each hair follicle is finer. 


Our skin puts up a good fight, constantly defending, absorbing and expelling. Our skin is busy, at times it can get tired and need some love. I'm here to assist. Environmental factors, stress, diet, pregnancy and sun exposure are all factors to why our skin changes. 

If your are looking for consistent maintenance or looking to take the plunge and receive your first microneedle treatment I would love to be your gal! I take a personal, caring approach with each of my clients and educate you along the way. 

I am the esthetician advocating for you to load on that SPF. To create habits that support not only your skin but your inner ecosystem. Drink enough water, eat loads of veggies and avoid refined sugars for the most part (am I a human and do I let my hair down? YES, its a balance).

Recovering from thyroid dysfunction and hormone imbalance I have experienced first hand how our skin is impacted by the unseen. Hormones and diet dictate so much. 

Looking to book a service or learn more, reach out below!