One On One Yoga Therapy

We hold experiences, emotions, feelings and memories in our physical form. We carry these around with us, day in and day out. Our body has a story to tell and is not always given a method to speak. I am here to remind you, you are deeply worthy and incredibly capable. This is a place I will help bring harmony and balance back. I am so excited to work together.


Yoga therapy is a time to approach your healing that addresses your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. 

In a comfortable safe environment I begin all sessions with conversation to become oriented with one another. We follow this with an intake form and an evaluation. We will discuss health goals, concerns, diagnoses, injuries, and any questions you may have. 

We will move into a practice where we explore the breath, rehabilitative exercises and techniques to build awareness. At the end of our session, I will provide a summary of our time together and moving forward, as well as some "take a way's" that you can begin to integrate into your very own life. 

This Would Be Good For: 

Someone looking to incorporate more mindfulness into their life, someone looking to manifest more into their life, the individual looking to build a deeper sense of connection to their body and heart, for preventing injury, Yoga Therapy can help to heal from an injury and for the individual who already has an existing yoga practice. 

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Take Class With Me!

Take class with me from anywhere! I have over fifteen classes available with more being recorded weekly. 

You can expect to feel supported while safely challenged and leave class feeling grounded and empowered in your body.

Something to remember ….

I am in the process of unlearning and learning a lot around the appropriation of yoga, primarily in the West. The ways in which we, myself included, have capitalized and taken this ancient practice which is not ours to take. 


I am deeply committed to listening, reading, and honoring the roots of this practice. I will continue to educate myself and keep this conversation of appropriation and dismantling white supremacy at the forefront. 


Corporate Wellness

Are you looking to incorporate movement into your work day? Do you work alongside a team that could benefit from meditation or taking pause?

I offer weekly live streamed classes, recorded meditations or short sequences for you and your colleagues to incorporate into your week.

I have had the sweet opportunity to film mediations for virtual conferences and host international wellness meet up's.

Do you have an idea or thought that I have not mentioned, reach out and lets talk. I am so excited to work with you!




6-Week Mentorship

In this 6 week mentorship program you will develop more confidence and hone in on your individual gifts as a teacher. 

We will cover, finding your authentic voice as a teacher, theming your classes, clear precise sequencing and building a workshop from the ground up.

Week by week you will learn how to share this practice in the most authentic, grounded accessible way to your community while honoring the roots of yoga. 

Areas of Discussion & Support:



-Finding Inspiration

-Finding Your Voice

-Intention While Teaching

-Smart Sequencing

Have Questions? Reach out!