Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Empowering the Individual. 
Healthy Mind. Healthy Body.
I believe health is multifaceted, and we should focus on all levels of an individual; mental, spiritual and physical. Yoga therapy has a beautiful way of doing just that. Through the application of yoga postures and meditation techniques, I aim not only to help, but prevent, and serve as a means to assist in managing an illness and or injury.

What can I expect in a yoga therapy session?
In a comfortable safe environment I begin all sessions with an intake form, followed with an evaluation. We will discuss health goals, concerns, diagnoses, injuries, etc.
Together we will create an outline of postures, breath techniques and a contemplative practice to begin incorporating yoga into your life.
This gentle form of yoga is practiced with individualized support including the use of props to protect and rehabilitate the body. The goal of these individual sessions is to begin moving towards physical and mental well being. Health is not a finish line, this is intended to be a long term sustainable practice.
If you are looking for individual support, gentle movement, nourishing hands on adjustments, a shift in perspective and getting to know yourself more fully, this is for you. I will guide you with ease and at your level of healthy effort. 
Through the application of yoga postures, breath awareness, and contemplative practices we are working to free the body from disease  and working towards greater vitality and health.  


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